Friday, September 2, 2011

What About Best

Good Mornin',

Well, it is coolin' off, evenings special. Did have some clouds build up and I could see some storms to the south, but basically another blank. Who knows, different as things are, maybe we'll get some fall out from this depression, that's a fancy word for a storm, headin' for Texas. More crossed fingers.

Woke up this mornin' thinkin' about "try". My heart teacher, once, talked about his commitment, always put his best foot forward. This was some years back, but it always takes me some, catch on. And, I don't wanta pretend I fully understand, but at least I'm thinkin'.

I remember back when I was trimmin' hooves, here local and noticin', that if I got lazy and settled, regular, for "o.k.", when a situation came up, where I really wanted to do a good job, it wasn't easy or, necessarily successful. It really hit me that I might need to up my "try"; maybe nobody else knew, or noticed, but I did.

Now, trimmin' hooves is one thing and I never really aspired to work on high dollar horses or make a real career like that, it was just a way to pay the bills, spend time with horses and help my neighbors. Now, with my eyesight failin' and my back pretty cranky, mostly I just keep my rescues cleaned up. But, there's still life ta live and a planet could use all kinda help and I'm rememberin' that consideration. Whatever's worth doin', it really might, be worth doin' well.

Maybe, it'll never make a difference to anybody else, but it could become a part a me. And, even though we don't often think of life in terms of "opportunity", I do believe there is one; a real relationship! And, if that's true, I could really benefit from an attitude like that. I believe we're full of try, just like horses show me all the time, but until and unless we use it, it just kinda sleeps there inside us and we "fantacize", "oh, ya, when the situation arises, boy will I try!". Reality might be, unless we exercise our try, even when the situation arises and we really want to, we might not be very good at it.

I sure think about funny stuff, but, by and large, it does keep me outta trouble.

Have a great day!


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