Thursday, September 1, 2011

Best Company

Good Mornin',

And, yup hard ta believe; made it all the way to September and not one downpour. Same, same; big black clouds, heavy winds and a sprinkle.

Made a little progress on the boys run; whackin' sage, make a path, role out the horse fence. Gettin' excited ta see 'em out grazin' a little, even if it's just a few weeks.

Now, I gotta get jumpin' try to catch up on the south fences, get the bunch down yonder, make way for the hunters and re-post; always amazin' how no trespassin' signs, tend ta disappear.

Biggest question for me, bringin' the internal quiet with me as things pick up; I really did have quite a spell, this summer, with my pilgrimmage and all, recouperatin' and takin' a little extra quiet. Don't wanta leave it behind; too sweet.

Have a great day!


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