Saturday, September 3, 2011

Where We Belong

Good Mornin',

Can't even remember if we got a sprinkle, evenin', just cool with some clouds, far as I remember.

Went to town, forty miles, yesterday; hitched a ride with a horse friend, lives six or seven miles south, crow line. 'Bout once a month we meet at the post office and split the gas, take her truck. She had ta do laundry, I had to get some sox, a truck part and groceries. There's a Dollar Store there and ya don't get much choice, but ya can get the basics and the groceries are way cheaper than the tradin' post, half the distance.

I did make the mistake a stoppin' at Mc Donalds, though, sit a spell, get a cup a coffee. Ended up seein' this thing they call a "Frappe'" and thinkin', "well, heck, an iced coffee with whip cream...three dollars...alright, once a month, why not?". Now, I can tell ya "why not!". I only managed to get about a third a the way through it! That thing had more sugar and caffeine in it than anyone with conscience oughta ever consider. And, it was so cold, I had ta quit, 'cause I was gettin' a headache. Now, here it is a day later and I still ain't right; don't believe I slept a wink. Imagine I ate/drank the whole thing?

Anyway, could be worse; once a month re-member, how lucky I am, live in the middle a nowhere, make my own for twenty five cents, a splash a canned milk and a little sugar included, have a sip in the shade while the ponies munch, my eyes calmly restin' right where my maker put em'.

Have a great day!


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