Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cowboy Trail

Good Mornin'

Well, back in the saddle, maybe.
Made a run to Los Angeles; God knows how they came up with a name like that. But, when they did, ya gotta figure it was a different time and place and, testament, I suppose, to hope.

And, I gotta say, gravitatin' toward the simple folk, as I am inclined, I did meet some sweet people. The jist of the journey was a chance to see my heart teacher; 40th anniversary of our journey together. And, it was sweet; fundamental theme, seems ta me, the difference 'tween ideas and beliefs and reality, sprinkled with fantastic humor. Outstanding among examples, a toilet in Japan that plays music; lots of bass tones, I suppose. Secondarily, I figured, a chance to talk up my book a little, least 'mong my friends; get some feed back.

Similar good news on that front; great response and many offers of support, pre-orders and some, flat out donations, just ta see it go forward. Quite humbling for a cowboy from the middle a nowhere. I mean this ain't exactly shakespeare:


Can peaches
Can peaches
They're full a corn syrup

It's like ta rot my brain

Can peaches
Can peaches
Oh, what can I do

Ain't much of a livin' in stirrups!

But, the photographer, yup, pictures, is a youngster with world class talent and the critters, horses and dogs, the country side, they sure upgrade the product.

So, all in all, pretty amazin', despite the 60 hours of busses, trains and taxis, for a 48 hour visit. But, friends, people ya meet, conversations, the kindness fillin' in the gaps, seein' the critters, happy, have me back, my heart teacher's eyes and smile, burned inta the memory banks, again; "worth it", don't begin.

It's a brand new day! Have a good one.



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