Sunday, August 21, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, it rained; not a real gully washer like the monsoon's, but a good rain. Couple a hours, just before dark and then it picked up again, probably midnight and kept at it, quite some; can't wait ta see if the tanks, ponds, soaked it all up, or actually filled some. Probably shouldn't get too excited, some a the cracks, develop when it's that dry, look like they mighta gone clear to China.

Otherwise, cleaned out the wood stove, check fer mice, and fired it up, last night; come off quite cool with all that rain. Helps dry out the canvas too. Made a good pot a rice and beans. Slept pretty good, though it was one a those "long conversation" nights. Often times, when I'm puzzlin' on what I could do, make a difference, sleep's fit with conversation; back and forth, possibilities, apparent realities, options, factors. Quite amazin'; kindness and all the ways it shows up, given a chance.

Have a great day!


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