Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Bones

Good Mornin'

Well, actually had a thunderstorm come right over the top of us last night. Lots of thunder, a little bit of rain; keep our fingers crossed.

Still whooped from the road; reeling a little, body and soul. But, every mornin', a little more steady and opto-mistic! I guess I'm one a those people, there's virtually no gap 'tween my sense of rest and good attitude; kinda like a kid, where they might seem ta be pure discontent, but really they just need a nap.

Got ta play with the mustang boys last night; a little exercise and a good brush. Sure would like ta take them a little further; get 'em used to a workin' schedule, challenge their assumptions, just a little. A lot of time, so far, just lettin' 'em be; forget some of the shock, pulled outta the forest, like they were. Sometimes, I think we don't begin ta understand how strong and deep culture lives in our bones, casually supposing we can separate a creature from everything they and their ancestors have lived for hundreds of years, then wonderin' howcome they seem uncomfortable or disoriented.

See what happens; try ta balance the fencin' and the horse work.

Have a great day!



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