Monday, August 29, 2011

Movin' Forward

Good Mornin'

Yup, behind again. "Hurrier I go, behinder I get", as the sayin' goes. More thunder, lots a lightin', no rain. Haul another tank.

Did make a little progress on the boys run; got my system lined out any way. See if my t-post corners are up to the task. Seems they might work, one season, if I brace 'em just right.

Played with Julio, on toward dark; been distracted, catchin' up (still) from my pilgrimmage and debatin' this question of movin' to another ranch, where they want me ta watch their house and cows, while they're gone.

Kinda nice, I can feel a change comin' with the boys; time I might ask a little more. See how they react. So far, Julio seems like he might be willin' give it a go. I'm steppin' up the question by relaxin' some; presumin' just a little, he is ready, see if he buys it.
Movin' with and around a little more casual, "pretendin'" he's an old broke horse and nothin' would bother him.

Sometimes, it's a little like kids, when they're young; maybe somethin' happens and they look at you, see if it was serious. It's a fine line; you do care and ya don't want 'em ta suffer, but sometimes just yer consideration, "didn't look serious", and they're willin' ta let it go. Move on, always ready, help 'em if it is.

Have a great day!


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