Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Takin' Stock

Good Mornin',

Well, it ain't rainin' but everythings, wanin'; full moon and summer, the exhaustion from my escapade west and back. And, they say there's a chance of heavy rain, today. See what happens.

Otherwise, just feelin' grateful for my life with the horses. As always, I suppose there's a tendancy, think "I did it!", and to some extent, that might be true. But, often times, after the fact, it occurs to me, "ya know, there's somethin' so good about things, contrary to all likelihood, it's just possible, this wasn't all my idea; at least, a mix of my idea and some greater kindness, if not, all together, the hand of a greater kindness, simply movin' me over, takin' the reins and steerin' this old coach toward a sweet valley, I could never have imagined.". It's humbling, no?

I was talkin' to a friend the other day, considerin' how amazin' it is, that, after all these years, contemplatin' the creator and how things work, the notion that I could be loved, is only, just beginnin' to dawn on me. And, seems to me, double so, amazin', considerin' all the attitude, not all good, I started out with. Kinda like the Creator worked a long hard row, just ta get me where he could find somethin' ta love. Then pretends, it was always so. That's a stretch of divine proportion, near as I can tell.

Just maybe, I could take a little bit of that kinda patience and persistance with me, down the road; least I could do. Least I could do.

Have a great day!


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