Saturday, August 13, 2011

Super Vision

Good Mornin'

Well, warm and dry; hotter than usual. Still got a nice breeze; sure can't complain. Is the first summer I remember, though, every one of our ponds are dry and in theory we're past the monsoons. Could be a long dry fall. Then, again it could pour tomorrow. See what happens.

Slowly, gettin' up and around. Walked out ta find the wild bunch last night and did spot 'em way out yonder. Didn't push on out, but just ta see 'em worth the trip. Try and drive out today, give 'em a scratch and check their feet.

I suppose, I'm kinda waitin' for my life. There's an old story 'bout native folk from the south, how, when they had to travel, they'd stop now and then, wait for the spirit to catch up. Always liked that story, 'cause it made so much sense to me. Some folks seem to be able to "decide" this or that and push on, no matter what. And, I tried, real hard to pretend I was the same, but pretty young, I had to admit, "it really didn't work for me!"; disaster after disaster.

So, anymore, I wait for life. I know, if that's with me, if that's settin' the tone, the pace and the direction, it'll work; no matter how long the odds.

Have a great day!


P.S. Have to include a joke here in honor of a dear friend and "foster parent" who recently passed on, August 12, 2011; Chief Clair Chesley.

I'm was told, when Barbara and Clair were newly wed, Barbara asked Clair, one morning if he'd like one egg or two. Clair's response, "one egg is an-ouef!"

Thanks, Chief, for sprinkling my youth, with some of the best-worst jokes in the entire universe.


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  1. My sweet friend,
    You are like a broken drum.
    You can't be beat.

    Glad you are back home.
    All my love, Lo