Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Even Crows Know Draft

Good Mornin'

Well, it's milder and there was a show of clouds, here and there, off in the distance, some wind, but no rain.

Guess, I'm takin' this time, these days, like the famous, "window of opportunity"; make hay while the sun shines, etc. I just found it so inspirin', see my heart teacher, there, those weeks back, rather than do too much, I'm more inclined to take advantage of the quiet, "lonely time", and the pull, ask for elevation. I know it's real and with elevation vision improves. When you can see, doin' gets easier and more meanin' full. It's really a simple propositon and maybe, it's a function of age; more you understand the value of time, more you want to make it count.

So, I'm makin' some efforts, spend time with the boys, work on the fencin', visit with "the bunch", but largely, climbin'. It's so real. It makes all the sense and every day I feel more clear; there is meaning and it means everything.

Have a great day!


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