Sunday, August 14, 2011


Good Afternoon,

Practically, evening! Sure am havin' trouble gettin' my feet back under me, since my adventure in "public Transportation". Completely changed my life, on the Heart side, but sure took a bite on the Body side. Tellin' someone the other day, "feel like I was roped and drug!". Oh, well, the things we do for Love.

And, truthfully, I might not mind so much, but the poor ponies wonderin' what's got into me; daylight comes and goes and I barely make it out and back, throw a flake. Try another walk this evening, see the wild bunch, give 'em a scratch. Like an old lawn mower, I suppose, sooner or later, it'll fire. Patience.

Anyway, absent the content on my end, I'll promote another fella I run across this mornin' and one fantastic piece he put together:


Have a nice evenin'.


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