Friday, August 12, 2011

Super Natural

Good Mornin'

Well, another small shower; no gully washer. Could be worse, but it sure ain't anything like normal.

Pretty simple day; more rest. That trip to L.A., sure took the starch outta me. Pretty much 60 hours of busses, trains and taxis, with nothin' but cat naps, sprinkled on top. Two fair nights, in the lap of luxury; old friends rollin' out the red carpet, like I was royalty. No accoutin' for taste, as some say; shabby old cowboy in a big feather bed. First eyeful a the effort they'd made, I figured I might have to sleep on the floor; that room was just too beautiful. Stayed with my "foster family"; our "foster dad" now passed away, us kids, kids no more, but, love care and kindness, piled high as the roof.

Still and all, sure good ta be back with the horses; ya dogs, too. Somethin' about the critters; no yesterday, no tomorrow, no grand plan. Just now; maybe some grass, maybe some water and what we can share, might be fun. Bounce some light, our life, back and forth; feel the moment and the magic of bein' alive, together. So simple; very sweet. I relax; back to work.

Have a great day!



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