Friday, August 19, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, storms come in every which way, and it did rain for an hour or so, gentle. Every little bit helps, but a whole different way a doin' things; no doubt about it.

And, come ta think of it, I could see a parallel in my own life. There's an old chineses fella, practiced a certain kinda exercise; supposed ta have a very beneficial impact on yer health and well bein'. He once said,"I was blessed with poor health; I had no choice but to practice.". Maybe, in my life it's kinda similar; whatever reason, I grew up so curious, there just wasn't much doubt, me needin' miracles in my life. And now, gettin' older, maybe I'm startin' ta see, it's not the big downpour ones that matter the most; gettin' way off track and countin' on a thunder bolt straighten me out. But, the little regular, almost invisible ones, I need everyday; not so dramatic, but just as miraculous.

Have a great day!



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