Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shy a Little Starch

Good Afternoon,

Yes, it is. Just had time fer coffee yesterday, when the hay wagon showed up; 250 bales later, a wee bowl a instant oatmeal and young Brandon Johnson, my camera friend from the book, pulled up to the gate. Two years since we had a chance ta visit.

And, visit we did; dark 'fore he pulled out and 'tween conversations and pictures, we'd hiked most up to the north end, try to find the horses, and back. Well, I was so tuckered, time he left, I made it far as the fridge, found 1/2 a can a beans, a piece a cheese and an oatmeal cookie, called it good enough!

So, this is why it's afternoon and I'm just gettin' round to "good mornin'".

Have a great day!


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