Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time Flies

Good Mornin'

Well, almost afternoon, truthful. Another fair shower, last night; ain't got out to check the ponds. And, yup, I'm behind fer all my bridge buildin'; see if I can get this show on the road. But, the critters are fed and final, the cowboy.

And, winters, just around the corner; might not seems so, August. But, a week or two and huntin's afoot; hop, skip and a jump and there'll be turkey on the table and a fire in the stove.

Got a load a hay comin', tomorrow; see if I can't give the barn a lick and a promise, for the truck pulls in. And, god willin', it won't rain tonight, sure hope the clouds ain't listenin', otherwise that trailer'll bury the hubs right in front and we'll be packin' 'fore we're stackin'. Oh, well, a bad day stackin' hay, beats a good day at the office!

Have a great one!


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