Saturday, August 20, 2011

Impress Who?

Good Mornin',

Cloudy day. Rain here and there, off yonder; cooler temps, that's for sure and even without the water, that's a blessin' of sorts.

And, we made it ta Saturday. Funny, how it's just another day, but often there's a sense, that somehow "we made it"; like another island, in a great ocean we must cross. But, either way, out here in the oilfields, just a little quieter and this mornin', somehow, way quiet. Sometimes, it feels like a meal; some kinda nutrition, ya just wanta soak up. Maybe, just a sense, that no one's about and ya got no 'cause "put on yer makeup"; no one to impress. And, maybe that's where I get the sense a nutrition; sometimes, growin' up we're taught how important it is, "make a good impression". And, sometimes, it becomes such an obsession, we forget what we are, "impressions" be damned. So, maybe with the quiet I relax and just enjoy what I am, that I am, all the measurin' tapes packed up for another day. I mean, who my goin' to impress; the horses, the creator? That'd be a chore; if He/She already knows everything, exactly what kind of "impression". am I like ta "fabricate"?

Have a good one!


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