Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Problem

Good Mornin'

And, ya I'm still gonna beat on this "honesty" dilemma just a little more, and I'm gonna bring in an "expert" back me up just a little; Uncle Albert, Einstein.

"Anyone who has never failed, has never tried anything new."

I'm addin' this to the mix, 'cause I'm pretty sure there are folks wonderin', "Honesty? What's the big deal?". And, I sure understand the point of view. But, I also consider that we may have gotten so far away from it and come up with so many "facsimile" that what it really is, we can't even remember. And, I might add, I'm not necessarily talkin' about "the facts", a parent might demand of a child.

It reminds me more of the word, "sincere". Apparently, even in Rome, latin roots, "no wax", they had figured out how to wax apples so they looked nice; maybe better than they were. And, amazingly enough, that is exactly where I wanted to go, with "another problem"; "if I just veered off, half a degree, from what I know to be true, I'll bet I could sell this stuff!"

I'm reminded of a dear and wise friend, expressin' his conviction, never offer his loved one his second best and knowin', in my bones, "yup, that's who he is!". And same way, in my life, I aspire, like him, give you my "best/honest", even if it's just a little blog.

And you know, Uncle Albert, understood; if it's different, ya might not get it right the first time. It's like trimmin' hooves, me and the horses. I remember, startin' out and noticin', if I didn't do my best, every time, when somethin' "important" came up, and I really wanted to do my best, it wasn't very good; I'd forgot how and what that meant.


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