Monday, May 30, 2011

Ray's Got a Sore Foot

Good Mornin'

Well, blowin' again and none too warm and I suppose, I'm rememberin' that old Greek fella came up with that simple little line, how ya can't step in the same river twice. These days, maybe, special, the weather as un predictable as it's been; fires, floods and tornadoes, what I hear on the news.

Then, I suppose, there's my horse mentor, old Ray Hunt, talkin' about caution toward "rules" and workin' with horses; encouragin' the more spontaneous consideration of "the day, the horse and the rider".

I remember hearin', recent how the key, it seems, to the survival of some of the older indigineous cultures was their adaptability. Funny, too, how they tended to be kinda respectful of the creator and the creatures around them; their sense that they had to embrace the whole family, listen and respect all the parts, that might inform and sustain them.

So, maybe, even weather, as "inconvenient" as it can be, is a gift, remind us of our proportion and discourage our tendancy for "tunnel vision".

Gotta go see a burro, "ray charles", he got a sore foot.

Have a great day!


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