Monday, May 16, 2011

What's True

Good Mornin'

Well, another day, another dollar? It's not hard to imagine how somebody might choose such a mission; it is afterall a simple way of lookin' at things. And, I suppose, it's only natural, look for some kinda scale, where ya can say, "yup, I made progress!". But, seems to me, even if ya turn on the news for a few minutes, even the "simplest", "tried and true", "old buckets", like that, just don't hold water, quite so certainly, as they used to; that dollar could turn out to be, just another piece of paper. It'd also be pretty easy, consider, how this is a terrible turn of events. But, it might not be all bad, if it really made us ask some questions about "what does hold true?".

Personally, I had one of those "nightmare" nights, full of suspicious dreams, where ya can't do what ya wanta do, 'cause someone else has an agenda and they're pullin' strings, behind the scenes, and all your aspirations end up compromised. Leaves ya in a very uncomfortable place. Then I have to consider "the mirror" and how it could all be, just a reflection of my very own self; what's that great line? "We have found the enemy and the enemy is us!".

So, what can I do, but, resolve, pray, inside my self, for "traction"; contact with the "real road" and push. I gotta trust that I do have the tools I need, to go forward; those things I truly care about, that's no accident. These are the gifts given to me, help me find my way home. But, the traction and push, maybe that's the function of heart and only as it approaches "whole", do I really get to know them. I wonder if "wholeheart" wasn't the "whole point", all along. Ya know, "if it ain't whole it's half; means ya got half goin' one way and half goin' another." I'm bound to feel compromised. What if the very one who gave me my heart, set it up, so that, sooner or later, I'd have to use it, the whole thing, 'cause that'd be the only way I ever understood what a gift I had.


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