Monday, May 9, 2011

The Real Benefit

Good Mornin'

So, I know I've been goin' on about this "honesty thing", and the header on this blog, has to do with horses and kids and maybe a foster home, but there is a connection; the foundation.

There's an old story about a spider gettin' caught in his own web. Similarly, the stories we cook up, everyday, to avoid conflict on one hand and maybe, make an extra buck on the other, can take us so far away from ourselves, little by little, we lose track of the whole and original "why". Further we get, from the "why", despite some gains, how often do we find that somethin's missin'? I mean, how many stories do we need of the fella, everybody thought, had everything, who jumped out the window; over!

So, what I want to do, what I want to say and where I'd like to end up, is right next to that "plain and simple why". If I keep track of the question, than I'll keep reachin' for the answer and livin' this life from the Heart. Can it be explained; I don't think so. Does it work? Try. I don't think there's an alternative; 'cause end of the day the only answer that'll really satisfy us, is the one we paid for with our own try.


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