Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Whole World in a Tent

Good Mornin'

Wow, the world is such an amazin' place, even for an old cowboy, outback New Mexico. Even out here, 100 miles from anywhere, I get radio and hear news from around the world. So, many dedicated and creative people walk through my tent on a mornin'. And this mornin', also the wind, speakin' of dedicated and creative "people", with long careers; there's one to dwarf any human giant.

So, I guess I'm pretty lucky; though I get to catch a little pop culture, I'm mostly surrounded by the "classics". Wind and sky, grass and trees, rock and rain, each havin' perfected their art and craft over millions of years. And, in my short career, listen to the best and, hopefully, be touched and transformed by their music.

And just maybe, find their inspiration within myself; afterall, no matter how distant, cousins. And for that, I might consider myself newly, kindly. Hopefully!

Have a Great Day!


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