Saturday, May 21, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, the sun is shinin'; must a broke up last night and the temperature dropped, as I can see little pockets of frost, here and there clingin' to the grass.

The wild bunch come in yesterday afternoon; didn't seem like they had feed on their mind. Sometimes I think they just like to check up, keep in touch with events around the barn; me, the mustang boys, get a drink of clear water, check on the local grass, start another loop. I suppose, like most "business people", information is always the key to success.

I remember the last time they came in, there were some scraps of hay here and there and most figured they could clean up a bit, but Tubby, the first lieutenant, he kept wonderin' off toward the trees; lookin'. I went out, see what he was up to and went to rub his ears a bit. He shook his head and walked off again; lookin'. Then I got it. "I'll bet a bear come by and they high tailed it up here, for company and haven. No wonder he ain't in the mood for an ear rub; it's his job make sure that bear didn't come too. Sorry, Tub.".

Ain't it funny; to you I may be "the cowboy from the outback". To them, I might as well be a "city slicker"; all too often, missin' the point. But, ya wanta hang with "the bunch", ya gotta be willin', look kinda dumb, sometimes. And, I gotta say, "small price to pay!"; theirs is an ancient civilization of trees and grasses, days and nights, neighbors of all stripes, weather and breezes and scents on the wind. I guess, I'd rather be a dummy in that world, than a "genius" in ours; it's just my inclination and respect for things that quietly last.

Have a great day!


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