Friday, May 20, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, thank your lucky stars there's no audio on this blog, 'cause the only thing I can think this mornin' would be to sing a song. I guess it's one of those things, where life can be so wonderful and so strange, at the same time, there's nothin' you can do but, make a "joyful noise".

As I been reportin', past three or four days now, it's been rainin', snowin' or blowin', pretty much, steady. I finally give up figurin' what to put on for my best chance of "weatherin'" the storm, yesterday, went for my oilskin coat and headed out; shore up a fence line I been worried about. Lord have mercy, it was a sight; kinda misty, with all the moisture and every shade a green, god ever imagined.

Lately, feelin' my age some, I been leanin' a little toward the "I don't know" side a things; "ya, that'd be great, but I'm too old and never had the discipline!". But, yesterday, just seein' all that green and breathin' that fresh damp air, alternately full of rain, or snow, or miles per hour, I just couldn't help but feel the, "ya, but maybe" kinda sneakin' up on me.

And, I suppose, that's the dilemma; on one hand yer gettin' old, on the other yer more vulnerable to the beauty than ever before. So, what's it gonna be; old or inspired? And, if ya happen to consider there was a. creator, that'd be one, dandy, sense a humor. It simply don't make no sense! So, what can ya do?

Maybe, sing a song and pick up a foot; how ya gonna argue with all them plants and trees and grasses and weeds, just headin' for the sun, not a doubt in the world. I can just see myself, explainin' to the grass, how it's never gonna work; "what are you doin', don't you understand?".

Have a great day!


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  1. Seven days without sun in Maine and counting. The day the sun finally appears will truly be the "rapture". I can't wait to see the new greenness under sunlight as it is always astonishing! All those colors...Luckily the birds don't seem to care as their songs can be heard from dawn to dusk. I haven't heard a whipp-or-will after dark yet, though the dogs and I did flush one the other day on our walk. Now there is an odd looking bird. Once the ground dries out it will be mowing day, though maybe a hay baler will be more in line. The "lawn" is up to my knees. Missing those New Mex springs!