Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shootin' the Messenger

Good Mornin'

Well, made a little progress on the book; should have our samples on the way, here directly. Worked a pony, fixed some fence and checked my dirt tanks; lookin' at the up side, ignorin' the flat I got, hopin' to trim a neighbors horse and maybe pay a bill.

The backs still, kinda, sorta, but mostly just, some cranky first thing, figurin' how to get outta the sack.

Otherwise, still, just, prayin' for traction, keep 'er goin'; a little progress on the outside, a lot of feelin' on the inside. I think it was Mr. Twain, said, "I always seek to be well regarded, by dogs and children.". For myself I'd have to add a horse, a course. But, what a kind and merciful mirror, as it keeps remindin' me, "ya, a little progress, is good, but do remember the "feel", 'cause it does keep things sensible."

And, some familiarity with old Samuel's stuff, seems he sure had an eye for the sensible, much like the horse. How about a slightly sarcastic one from W.C. Fields, sure to shake the soil, just a tad from a chuckle, over Mr. Clemmons plot, "horse sense is what keeps horses from bettin' on people."

This mornin', wakin', I was thinkin' how difficult it must be for a horse, seein', so clearly, the sensible, and havin' to put up with human beings, so seldom in the neighborhood. And, ta think your whole life is like ta be the same. I suppose kids are often faced with the same dilemma; I mean, think of that child, "the Emperor's New Clothes", knowin', in reality, his momma, probably, clamped her hand over his mouth and hustled him off home.

So, though we make our plans, I consider it really good advice, stop every now and then, check out the critters and the children, see if they approve. And, a course we can double check, our very own heart.

Have a Great Day!


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