Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, kinda cloudy. Looks like we could get some "well come" moisture. Middle of May and it feels a lot like summer. Saw my first snake of the year crossin' the dirt road down by the wash. Time to shake out the tent, see if the mice might not find a "summer place" else where; took me a while but the math is simple. Tent + mice = snakes + human ; not my favorite situation.

And, did you know, the old "bull" snake, which looks just enough like a "rattle" snake, at first glance, not really, but it's one of those "error on the side of caution" things, will actually coil like a "rattle" snake, make a sound with it's mouth that "could" be a rattle, and re-shape it's face to look like a "rattle" snake. And, I guess, I'll just leave that right there, 'cause it's just too amazin'.

Anyway, I was thinkin' to give up this "blog" thing, 'cause I got too much to do, what with fences and ponies and cows and tryin' to make a buck somewhere, but I gotta say, "it might be too much fun!". But, here's the deal. Sometimes, writin' everyday, I try too hard and, either, it stinks or I spend all day tryin' to make it smell better. And, I can't keep doin' that. So, I guess it's like bein' married, sorta. (God help me!)

I'll keep writin' if you'll bear in mind, that I can't and ain't gonna, be "spot on" everyday, nor spend all my daylight, fixin' my make-up. (Not that you ever expected I would.). 'Cause I sure do enjoy sayin' "Good Mornin'", but I got ponies need lovin' and fence needs fixin' and somehow, try to set-up some kind of sanctuary for these critters, 'fore I kick the bucket. (And we are startin' from scratch.).

But, end of the day, it's a lovin' deal. And, there is a bunch here. And, I sure enjoy sharin' it with ya. And, it only seems to make more of it. Sometimes just sharin' my co-nun-drums with ya, helps me see 'em better and spot that "weak link". And, I love ya for listenin'.

So, Thanks, God Bless and Good Mornin'.



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