Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One and the Same

Good Mornin'

Well, I don't know where I'm goin' but I sure like the title. Reminds me of the first time I heard about the "Kiss Principal"; keep it simple stupid, or how about "silly". That's a little softer and kids seem to like, and are drawn to softer items, 'fore we "toughen 'em up" with our curious version of wisdom. But, if ya imagine a particularly wise parent, offerin' food to a child, they might offer the child, with great enthusiasm, three or four versions of the same thing, especially, if they knew it was really good for the yougnster, but not necessarily excitin'. The child might be inclined to pick one, as much for the ridiculous enthusiam of the parent, as for the gastronomical appeal; all things bein' equal.

So, havin' tried and failed, countless times in my life, to prove that the ends justify the means, I believe, to some extent, that "reality has set in". "Nope, the end cannot be separated from the means." If harmony is what I have found and harmony is what I want to promote, than harmony is the path. Now, that's simple. And, if, in Creator's eyes, I were not "the brightest bulb on the porch", (prone to choices, while excitin', not necessarily nutricious), isn't it, just possible, He/She would keep it simple for me.

So, ya, this whole notion of some kind of sanctuary for horses and kids, it simply evolved out of my own experience that this kind of harmony has definitely been good for "this child"; hopeful, healing and happy. And, ya, I'd really like to find a way, expand it and offer it to some other youngsters. So, my path, one and the same; work with the harmony. Like the potter with the clay; roll it and fold it. Wet it and dry it. Spin it and shape it. But, whatever else I do, stick with it; feel it. It's the only sure way, end up where I started.


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