Monday, May 23, 2011

Right or Left?

Good mornin'

Well, spring cleanin'. Took apart the winter weatherin' and give the tent a good sweep; yes, I do have a floor, thanks to the old homestead out yonder. I come up with some old milled planks; just enough to fill in the 12x14. Quite civilized and it keeps old Stinky, my sheepish cowdog, from burrowin' in, winter time, when it's gets dark so early, and keeps me from killin' myself, when I can't see and step into one of the craters. Even give the cowboy a scrub and some clean cloths, though I think it'll take two or three more, 'fore the wood smoke gives up and let's go.

Otherwise, still ringin' from my "gospel" sunday and the un-anti cipated reminder that joy works, no matter, the road we choose. Especially, for youngsters; sure seems like they have a natural instinct that life was meant to be great. No wonder, they get put off, when the old folks start "preachin'", doom and gloom, sufferin' and hardship. Not that you can completely endorse or dismiss either argument, but as usual, I suspect, that somewhere in the middle there's a beautiful truth.

Always reminds me of that great story from Greece, way back. This one Soldier, Odyseus, was tryin' to get home after the war, I think. His ship was gettin' blown into these cliffs, by a storm that come up. He couldn't go forward. He couldn't go back. And for some reason, right and left wouldn't work either. All he could do was wait and watch. Well, turned out, the cliffs were not a solid face; actually it was two cliffs, one slightly in front of the other, and overlappin' just enough, to where it appeared solid. There was a way!

And, I suppose, that reminds me, again of that quiet, I was talkin' about yesterday. The reasons and the words, tend to go right and left. The quiet to me is like that way he found; the possibility we could never imagine, neither right nor left. And, yet, somethin' opens, we go forward and life continues. And I do suspect, that was a very happy surprise.

So, ya, like the old fella I am, I know that spring cleanin' is important and it kinda looks like work, but God help me, I don't forget, how good it is to be alive, less I alienate that youngster I will always be.

Have a great day!


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