Saturday, May 7, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, here we go! I'm starin' all over, again. And, I know I got some readers are gonna' say, "oh, no!". But, hey, it's my blog and my life and, in my life, who's to say when it's honest and when it ain't; I think that'd have to be me. I was thinkin' maybe I'd have to be content with "Good Mornin'" for a while.

I went through the same process, when I was tryin' to write the book; oddly enough, part of the reason "Jeune Bailey Hall" came to be. I almost needed a whole new person, just to begin to consider what was honest. And, I suspect this likely sounds pretty weird, but there it is. And, there's a whole chunk of my life out here with the horses, my question, "how to go forward?" and my hope, maybe do somethin' for kids.

'Cause, kids and horses have somethin' very much in common, seems to me; ultimately, they can be quite timid. They don't know how things work! But pretty quick they run into the fact of violence. And, in both cases, horses and kids, them bein' sensitive creatures, you could easily imagine, how they might abandon any notion of "self", in the name of "peace", or at least "truce".

Similarly, honesty could get traded for acceptability.

After a while, even the hope of rediscovering one's own feelings could become a very remote possibility.

Imagine, for a creature of "feel", like a horse, to have been "taught" not to; could there be any greater sense of the word, "lost"? And, then, for the very ones who took away his or her "genius" to turn around and call that horse "stupid", well, that'd have to take "the cake".

More to come.


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