Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ya, well?

Good Afternoon,

Yes, it is and yes, I tried this mornin', but there was just too much ta say and too little time ta say it. And, yes I ended up in a tangle, gave up and figured I tried chores, instead.

It all started, as I was feelin' so inspired, by recent events and simultaneous, my old "hoss", body, was complainin', pretty fair about a big old horse I trimmed, yesterday. So, I was thinkin' how funny it is that here I am, pretty near sixty, feelin' all this inspiration and doin' anything, gets to be a really good question.

So, only thing I can figure, is the comparison to feedin' a kid, or workin' a horse for that matter. When a young horse has a problem with somethin' and no matter what ya try, the answer is "no". Sometimes, you can get him in a "yes" mood, with a bunch a little things he likes. So, ya get 'em goin' with the "yesses", then ya ease over to the "no" thing, real casual, and he's so used ta "yes", that he figures, "what the heck, sure."

Same way, I figure, I'll keeper goin' with the little "yesses", and slip in a "no way" now and then, for I go back to some more little "yesses". Shoot, I'll be alright for another 60 and, we'll put some a that inspiration ta work.

Have a great day!


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