Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who's ta Say?

Good Mornin'

Well, never did really get my rockets firin' yesterday; got my chores done and a little fencin', but 'tween phone calls, a cold gusty blast from the northwest and my overall uncertain conviction, the day was more fizzle than fire.

But, afterall, much as we pretend, we aren't machines, but human and I did try to keep my "heart fire" burnin' even if the body was less inspired. And, it's a brand new day; the wind has backed off, mostly and the sun is shinin'.

And, ya know, it's kinda amazin' out west, 'cause "dimension" becomes a really good question; distance, miles of fence, numbers of critters and maybe just one of yourself. There's that old comical expression about not gettin' somethin' to work, 'cause "ya weren't holdin' yer mouth right". Well, out here, things as large as they can be, ya gotta "hold yer attitude right" or, it gets way to easy, just give up.

Just this mornin', wakin' up, there was a noise I could hear and I was askin' myself, "is that a little noise, close by, or a big noise, off yonder?". Same way, sometimes ridin' through the bad lands, the clay hills, ya gotta ask yourself, "is that a little hill, close up, or a big hill off yonder?". And, it all matters, 'cause there's usually a job or a critter in the balance and yer the only point of reference. But, either way, ya gotta keep yer attitude steady, best ya can; weighin' daylight, endurance and resources, against the notion of tomorrow. It's a very real kinda balancin' act and for it, equally beautiful. But, probably not for everyone.

Anyway, speakin' of daylight and resources, I best quit runnin' my mouth and get after it.


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