Friday, May 13, 2011

A Gift

Good Mornin'

Another Mornin'. Simple as that, but these days that just strikes me unbelievable. Ya know, gettin' older, maybe things go wrong, the simplest thing; your back goes south, all of a sudden yer' down for three or four days and truthfully, you can't be too sure it's comin' back . (No pun intended.)

I was talkin' with a friend last night, about some of our friends that passed away, and how amazin' it is, that one minute we're here, next minute we're gone and life goes on. To me, this is, truly and simply amazin'! And, it just made me think about this little weblog I started.

Anyway, whether or not, any of this is good for anyone else, I consider it a gift for myself. A chance to invite somethin' larger into my life. And, it does strike me as a kind of guerilla warfare. There's a part of me, keeps wantin' to isolate myself from the "whole of things", make sure I acheive my little objectives. And, another part, seems to know, that that's a lonely path, with a ton of questions and very few good answers. And that part, the larger part, keeps blowin' up the bridges, that tie my little schemes together, hopin' I might just stop and look at the larger picture.

It's not that "my little schemes" don't have a place, but, for wisdom, mercy and kindness, somethin' just don't want me, get lost in 'em, 'cause it's that bigger picture, only makes real sense of our comin' and goin'. And, it's that sense of things, that really allows us to enjoy our time here and appreciate the gift it is.


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  1. Indeed life is the gift. I only hope that when I leave here for the promised land, that I leave this place a little more "humane". That's why I do what I do with kids, and dogs, and hard workers. And I think that is the "big picture". Come here, do your damnedest to make a difference, and move on. Hopefully the wake behind the boat crossing the river leaves a lasting impression.