Thursday, May 19, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, water looks like the topic of the day. And, a course, this bein' New Mexico, that means "mud". But, most always, there's an up and a down, so no sense complainin' about a little mud, when the water means so much.

Just read an article about animal rescues back east and the tough times they're facin', not to mention the animals. And, god bless the messenger; there was a line in the story, how kids and critters always pay the high price in tough times. 'Cause, us human's might get off on how smart and advanced we are, but until and unless, we learn to take care of the "whole family", that "smart and advanced" stuff, just don't work, for me.

And, it's just a question of priorities, seems to me; somethin' inside ourselves needs to line up proper; human? We can "spin" it like the politicians, any which way, but, like the kid, in "The Emperor's New Clothes", god bless the child, keeps remindin' us, "no, this is flat embarrassin'!".

And, I don't believe it's about bein' "good" in the typical sense of things, but, end of the day, it might just be about how we see ourselves. Could be, there are important parts of ourself, that we write off, as not worthy of concern and in the process, sentence our very own self to a kind of "solitary" confinement. And, that don't strike me, neither smart, nor advanced; more like "sorry".

So, there's rain, there's mud and there's us. Out here, end of the day, it can be hard figurin' where what begins and whatever, ends; everything kinda looks like mud. Only difference, I suppose, some of it moves, some of it don't. But it all plays a part.


P.S. I'm told, "human" comes from the greeks and means "god in man". That would be the lovin' stuff, no? Reminds me about workin' with horses and how some folks, kinda justify violence, sayin', "well, I'm just treatin' him like another horse would!". It always begs a question in my mind; "ya, but that other horse don't necessarily wanta ride him and, ya know, enjoy the "together" stuff." So, maybe that's a part of it, too; askin' ourselves, "ya, where do I want to end up?". Don't know if this is a quote or not, but, "if ya don't know where yer goin', any road'll do.".

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