Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, ya might be happy ta know, old ray, charles, is singin' again. We had an extended consultation, interspersed with some trimmin' here and some shavin' there, a good back rub and agreement that we'd visit again soon, discuss progress. The main topic, was whether his foot had been so bad for so long, that tryin' to straighten it up was causin' more problems than solvin'; he was recently adopted by my friend, Sonja, and the previous owner hadn't, or couldn't , keep him trimmed up. The first time we trimmed him, last year, we finally put a soft rope on one foot, wrapped it over his back, around his chest and back up over his back and waited for him to consider lyin' down, as he was of no mind, let us play with his feet. Yesterday, by contrast, we just visited, talked, no ropes of any kind, and examined each foot at a time, with back rubs, sniffin' and eyeful tradin', in between; such an inspiration he is. And this, a "stupid" old burro, accordin' to most folks.

Makes ya wonder about us human's and exactly what we consider "intelligent"; how many thousands of years and we still think war makes sense? As old Tom used ta say, the father of thoughtful horsemanship in recent times, "Insanity is doin' the same thing over and over and expectin' different results."

Have a great day!


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