Friday, May 27, 2011

Gettin' Ahead

Good Mornin'

Bee you tea full day, here, land of enchantment. The wind is still decidin' if it wants ta blow, or no and the birds are chirpin' in the trees. All kinda excitin' feed back and progress on the book and co-incidentally, heard from a young woman, daughter of dear friend.

Kinda hard to fathom, the kindness, springin' up with the grass and the flowers, this spring. Even got out and trimmed some of the wild bunch last night; includin' the youngest, Graceful. Haven't had much opportunity work her any and she was mildly puzzled, but, by and large, she just watched and stood there, givin' me one foot after the other, as I worked my way around the corners; her first "pedicure".

But, I might have ta keep it short, this mornin'; there's a neighbor with an old horse, also needs his toes trimmed. (The horse, not the neighbor.) I told him I'd be around early this week and now, here it is Friday. But, weather last week and a flat on Wednesday, all kinda set me back.

So, words of wisdom? How about "don't squat by the fire, 'till ya take yer spurs off." New jeans ain't cheap, anymore and ya might get more behind than ya were before.

Have a great day!


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