Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Good Mornin'

Ya know, a friend of mine, I often refer to, Christopher, a childhood chum from the Northwoods, often reminds me how the creator compensates; especially, as we get older. Maybe, we are missin' some inventory, we mighta had when we were younger, but, if we look carefully, we might find some less tangible items, we never had or never noticed. And, they might turn out to be extremely valuable.

This mornin', per usual, wakin' up, I thought to sit up and "do my quiet time"; take stock. Well, I had pushed the envelope a little yesterday, with the fencin' and the ponies and all; it was an unbelievably beautiful day. So, though I full well, intended to sit up, flat seemed to be the best I could muster. It was kinda funny. And, I found myself thinkin', "well, ya, years past, I mighta been more like a tree; strong and tall, sorta. And now, I'm more like grass; my profile, times, ain't quite so large, but, like the grass, I am still reachin' for the sun. And, I just might appreciate that warmth and all it does for me, like never before."

And, that's cool.

Have a great day!


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