Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Quiet Self

Good Mornin'

Well, it's Sunday and quiet. Gotta admit, I got up a little late and rushed out to feed the mustang boys, who weren't entirely sure, if I gave them enough feed last night. So, maybe there's somethin' to it; after six days, yer apt to need a breather. Anyway, I sure do appreciate the quiet that sets in, out here in the oil fields, when this day comes around.

Maybe, it's like a gift; for the other six, when I try to take the quiet with me, through the thick and the thin, there's one, when the quiet comes for me. But, one way or the other, I sure do love it; it's so peaceful.

Sunday, on public radio, here local, they play gospel music. I got listenin' to the Edwin Hawkings Singers, and "oh, happy day!". It talks about washin' sins away. When I finally, turned it off and felt that quiet, it seemed like that; an embrace and a meltin'.

I'm told "sin" in latin, just means without. Makes sense to me; when I get all tangled up with myself and events, worried, I kinda start feelin' isolated. When I get with the quiet, there is some kinda meltin' takes place and I feel more connected, or, "with".

All part of my love for the horses, I suppose. When were workin' together and the words go away, there is a beautiful quiet sets in and were just together; acting and reacting, tradin' "data" , motion and intent. Both and all, bigger than we were and safe, well, in that larger self; the one that includes all of us, in itself, in it's own quiet way.

Have a great day.


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