Friday, July 8, 2011

Angels (continued)

Good Mornin'

Well, some small thunderstorms finally come our way and we got some showers, on toward dark. Not the kind'd fill up the ponds, but certain, some and that's a start.

So, gettin' back to my friend, Mr. Anand, I might fill in just a little. He'd come from Northern India, his family, in the employ of the local royalty. I guess there'd been a war in that area, and the whole situation got re-arranged; the royal family, wiped out and he had headed south, a refugee of tender years. I'm not real clear on all the details, but fairly young he had found a teacher; the sort that deal with questions of the heart and the purpose of life. Accordin' ta him, this had made a huge difference in his life and, pretty much he'd dedicated his life to promotin' this notion of findin' peace, within'; travellin' and givin' talks, all around the world. When I met him, he was older and his health was failin' some, but he still travelled when he could.

And, for myself, also, health was about to play a part. I mentioned that I was startin' ta feel a change comin' and I'd started dreamin' a horses again. Well, case I wasn't payin' enough attention, I woke up near Iowa City, one mornin' with my heart beat, all over the place and that got it. I called Mr. Anand, told him I was goin' to the hospital and I'd let him know how it'd all turned out.

I musta just dropped somethin' off there in Iowa, and the company found me a load, needed back to Missoula, when I'd stabilized and the hospital turned me loose. I'd called Mr. Anand, told him I was alright and that I was goin' back ta Montana, turn in my truck and see about startin' over, maybe find some ranch work; get off the road. He was relieved both ways and told me, keep in touch. On the way back ta Montana, I started rememberin' a fella I'd met way back. He worked with young horses up in the mountains, outside Salt Lake. I wondered, if he might take me on.

And, how 'bout, we call that a day.

Have a good one!


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