Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, a fair shower, afternoon; sprinkles in the evenin'. Them poor old thunderstorms, all wind and promise, but they must be gettin' old like me; kinda short on production. Can't hold that against 'em. If it's true, as they say, "we're all connected", well, so many of us humans, now, can't remember who we are and what's important, how we gonna blame a thunderstorm, havin' trouble rememberin' who they are and how ta rain?

It's the "mirror thing"! And, I sure appreciate it. So, hard some times, get a fix on where we are and where we're goin', and us humans do have a way of comin' up with "great campaigns", defeat some enemy, over there; clearly the cause of all our misfortunes. (?) I wonder if Creator, in his/her wisdom, didn't see it comin' and do his/her best, put mirrors, all over, hopin' we'd catch a glimpse ourselves, now and then, ask a question.

I do believe, this life is a gift amd there is "treasure" to be had. But, not the famous "all that glitters". The most precious moments of my life, are the ones, I feel I'm movin'; goin' where I need ta go. A value, in my heart, that's growin', simple and true to itself; gratitude for what always was and re-memberance. I wonder if that word didn't really have an inspired beginnin'. Member, to belong. Re, again. Like someone knew there was "a whole" and we do belong and are apt to forget.

So, mirrors would be good. When we "'fore get", or get ahead of ourselves, thinkin' of all we "need" ta be happy; crazed with lack. To maybe catch a glimpse of our face and consider if that's really "us"; who we'd hope ta be.

Don't know if it ever happened to you, but I know there've been times, when I got off on somethin' and how it all "should be", quite posessed and noticed a dog or a horse lookin' at me, quite amazed; almost embarrassed. I remember, as a child, on occasion, lookin' at an elder similarly posessed, with disbelief, only ta find myself threatened with "extermination"; as they say out here, "don't you dare look at me in that tone a voice!".

So, I suggest, not ta go breakin' mirrors, figurin' our problems, thus removed, but, on the contrary, blessem' and give thanks for the kindness, put 'em there; we might consider how we really look and where we'd really like ta go.

Have a great day!


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