Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gettin' Ready

Good Mornin'

One a my all time favorite stories is a story 'bout two kids; one a terrible optimist and the other a terrible pessimist. Their dad, chrismas approachin', decided he was gonna try ta see if he couldn't do somethin', maybe move each one a little closer to the middle a the road. He decided ta give the pessimist, the best bicycle a kid could ever imagine and the optimist somethin' like, the famous "lump a coal".

So, chrismas came and the dad come down, see if his plan had worked. He came out ta see if his pessimist son had found the bicycle, only ta find the youngster sittin' glumly, ponderin' the new bike. "Wow, what a beautiful bicycle, don't ya wanta try it?", offered the dad. "Nah, it'd probably break or get a flat!". The dad, himself deflated, figured he'd go see about "plan b". He'd filled the garage with horse manure and left a note for the optimist, indicatin' he'd find his present there. Well, he walked into the garage, only ta find the optimistic youngster, happily shovelling away. "What on earth are you doin'?" asked the dad. "Dad, dad, look at all this manure; there's a horse in here somewhere, sure shootin'!"

So, the thunderstorms keep comin' and dyin', two- three miles off, every which way. I figure, one a these days, they're all gonna meet, right over the ranch and we're gonna have the biggest downpour the county's ever seen. Better get after them dirt tanks, make sure the walls are ready!

Have a great day!


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