Saturday, July 23, 2011

A World a Kindness

Good Mornin'

Well, a few more showers, keep the grass a comin' and the temps a mild. Had ta get up middle a the night, neighbor left his gate open; his horse come up ta see the mustang boys. Baulin' and squalin', me runnin' around in my pajamas and boots, corralin' horses, leadin' the neighbors horse on home. Some folks want critters, but don't pay much attention to the little stuff, makes all the difference; one screw up with horses and someone ends up dead or maimed and done is done! This little touch of reality, sure can seem like an "endangered specie" these days and a course, I gotta consider "the three fingers pointin' at me"; everythin' happens for reason.

My Heart Teacher talks a lot 'bout clarity and once I got back ta my bunk, it occurred ta me, how fine the line 'tween "order and chaos" and how much, in my own life, I forget: "It's a gift, too!". There I was, other day, talkin' 'bout John Wayne and the delusion of the "self made man", then, last night reminded, nobody hurt, "yup, me, too!". How much do I forget? Whatever harmony, whatever "function" there may be in my life, how much do I, slowly, take credit and overlook the obvious; it never had to work so well! I remember him sayin', " Can you imagine, for one moment, what this world would be like, without the gift of kindness?". And, I suppose, I could consider the kindness, 'tween us humans, but what about the kindness in our lives; that the sun comes up, there is air ta breath and despite all our forgetfulness things do work? Boy, I could sure, take a turn in my life; maybe a little more humility, maybe a little more gratitude. It'd only be right, no?

So many gifts, everyday, we plumb forget; walkin' around like "we did it". I suppose, it might be one a those "defense mechanisms"; we can be so scared a feelin' things, we're plumb terrified a the gratitude we might feel, if we really took a look.

So, another gift; a glimpse. And, maybe, if everything does happen for a reason, this glimpse can turn into another small change in my life. As, my horse mentor once said, "it's not one big change, makes all the difference. It's a lot of little ones!".

Have a great day!


P.S. Had ta consider another kindness; another day! Another chance, make another turn.

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