Sunday, July 24, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, gotta hurry of this mornin'; help a neighbor move some hay. And, the "partners", own the ranch I mind, are on the way and I still got a little more "tidyup" ta go. But I sure do enjoy sayin' "good mornin'" and passin' on a little of the early mornin' air, here, middle a nowhere, New Mexico.

So, maybe what I'll do is go move the hay, breath a little a that air, then come back and tel ya 'bout it; that way everybody gets a fair shake, even if I get 'er out a little late ta day....

There, got the hay moved and still got a minute, fingers crossed, 'fore "the partners" come. Anyway, funny, thing rushin' around; I don't do that often. Generally, just when it got somethin' ta do with folks from town, or there's a horse in trouble. Otherwise, out here, pretty much, I just try and keep a pace, balanced with the best attitude I can muster. A) Finish one job and there's always another waitin'. B) A good attitude is the best friend ya could ever have; if it's just one job to the next, pretty much 7/7/365, ya better enjoy what yer doin', cause it's all ya got. And, C) If yer happy, ya notice more and that can keep ya out of one heap a trouble; a good idea when ther's no help fer miles.

Ol' Tom, my horse mentor, he used ta say, speakin' of horse work, "observe, remember and compare"; helps ya get more accurate with the horses and the "get a long" smoother. And, I'd have ta say, that's another part a the "happiness" factor; make it a priority, not only do ya notice more around yerself and avoid trouble, but ya notice more about yer inside and how happiness works. Ya might get better at that, too. Now, that's a deal, no?

Reminds me, hearin' about this little country, might be Bhutan, in the Himalaya; a strong hold of the early Buddhist Faith. Well, there kinda progressive in their thinkin' and, so they come up with a different approach ta measure their progress; they call it the "GNHI". 'Stead of the Gross Nation Production Index, they use the Gross National Happiness Index. Genius!

Have a great day!



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