Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's Ta See?

Good Mornin'

Well, it did rain some yesterday. All day storms and storm clouds, millin' about. Talked to a neighbor, south some, they got a good dose. Just keep waitin', watchin', see if I can figure a rhyme or reason; gotta love it. Everythin' got it's own way.

Did get my buuts off to the cobbler and made it to the tradin' post, get some gas, pay my bill, onions, couple a gallons a water, mik,carrots and some hamburg. Ran into a fella, I'd seen but never met, sittin' on a motorcycle out front a the store. He said hello, like he knew me, so I stopped, apologized and asked his name. Endin' up listenin' for some 30-40 minutes; he lost his son last year and was still havin' a hard time makin' sense a things. Turned out, he also had some wild horses and we agreed, get together, when he got back from a road trip up north, see if we couldn't bring his horses along some, terms a their handlin'. Sure hope it turns out; special him losin' his son. Seems like them horses, taken on a whole new meanin' to him; he's been leanin' on old jack daniels, some and he talked about hangin' with the horses, late, nothin' but stars and the horses munchin', how much it means. I sure understand and it sure is a pleasure workin' with horses and a fella, just loves 'em for what they are, a little less, what they do. The doin' comes much easier and everyone has a good time.

Have a great day!


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