Friday, July 15, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, sunny and mild so far. Like ta warm up pretty fair; our chance a thunderstorms low, so they say, but, thank goodness, the weather don't always listen to the weatherman.

Tryin' to roust myself, get after the fencin' and re-pairs. Always strikes me funny how, just livin' can leave such a trail a "clean up" behind it. Here, shoot, past ten years, seems, I've been bound and determined, get ahead, but honestly, I might consider, "nope, all in vain; reality, a gentle drift back down, the way we come up!".

This I reckin' how, or why, somebody came up with that great sayin', "character counts"; an optimist, no doubt. If ya can't measure yer progress, re-invent the scale; "really, we never meant to progress, it was always, really, about the character we build in tryin'.". Which, in fact, suits me just fine. That progress stuff, can get kinda mean; good character, does make, by and large, for a happier neighborhood. If I did get ahead a little, I'd just wanta spend it, helpin' them that can't; remindin' them, "character does count!". Might be all we'll ever take with us; "really!".

Have a great day!


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