Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Break

Good Mornin'

Well, another couple a showers. Lots a thunder and lightnin', wind but just showers. Kinda like life, maybe; a little bit, a thank you, a little more, another thank you. Make the best, make ready for more; hope and gratitude, call and response.

I guess, I had to let "The Angels" go for now. I'm not really used to writin' a long story, like that; it's kinda consumin'. And, I sure need ta get after the livin' situation at hand. Ponies, cowboys, dogs and partners, all needin' attention and support.

I did enjoy it, the book too; we'll get 'er published one a these days. I had a 5-6 month go, talkin' to authors and publishers, tryin' Facebook and the blog. Time ta take a break, take a look, ask some questions, see if, really, this is the only, or best way forward; gettin' older makes ya consider, "ok, no guarrantees, how much time I got, got to use, whatever I got wisely.".

Fencin's good for reflection and prayer; simple prayers, like a plough, "please, guide me, deep as I am able, maximum impact, maximum benefit, maximum understandin', maximum gratitude, for all that life can be.
No matter, how it might look to any one else, but fact a the heart we are."

Have a great day!



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