Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Blame the Horse

Good Mornin'

Well, didn't even try, yesterday. Big beautiful thunderheads, all lined up along the mountains to the east, but only blue skies, this a way. Trust, haul water; life always has a reason.

Startin' ta re-group, after my dental adventure; wasn't too bad yesterday, but pretty foggy from the drugs, etc.. Worked a pony on toward dark; didn't go too bad.

Recent events made me think about all the different parts that make a human bein' and how individually, we exercise different ones among them. So, it seems, we're all a mix, with different credits and debits, maybe by nature, maybe by choice, maybe by circumstance, maybe by exercise. Thing that really hit me, late, is how some parts have no understandin' of others; some things register in parts of us that other parts have no capacity to understand; probably why some folks can't begin ta understand others. Maybe, just consider democrats and republicans; completely different way a lookin' at things. Can't hardly talk to each other.

I don't really have a grand conclusion, 'cept a sense that all those different parts are in me, too. And, more I understand, different folks have a different mix and so, different priorities, more patient I can be with myself and others.

My friend Ray, wonderful horseman, always used ta say, "don't blame the horse; it's just what they learned!". Maybe some, what they had ta practice, stay alive.

Have a great day!


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