Sunday, July 3, 2011


Good Mornin'

Smokey! I guess they got some rain, over Los Alamos, dampened the fire some, but the wind come 'round from the southeast and brought the smoke with it. Breezy enough, though, it's like ta disperse, this mornin'.

I was thinkin' 'bout that post the other day; "love". Toward the end, I mentioned "waitin' for the risin' tide". One a those things, where it comes out, ya didn't expect it and even though, you wrote it, it makes you think. And, so, I been thinkin' about trust, patience and outlook; after all, when a tide rises, if yer "on" the water, you'll rise with it and yer perspective'll change.

So, here I am, talkin' about the animals I love, floatin' with risin' tides, trust and patience and I gotta wonder about life; I mean, how close we gotta come, 'fore we start rememberin' Noah. Old story, all kind a questions; people, animals, promises, conversations, risks, doubts, time passin', rainbows and olive branches. Jimminy, there's a little story's weaved it's way into the very fabric of our entire civilization.

And, seems ta me, ya gotta love it; so easy ta think, "it all happenend back then". But, maybe those same questions and conversations, opportunities, are right in front of "us". Sometimes, my situation can look kinda bleak; a bunch a critters I care about and no sure way ta go forward. So, Noah, how's it go? "Make some effort, wait for the risin' tide, have some trust and patience and just maybe, the same love that picked you up, taught you about floatin', 'll set you down in a better place."

It's funny, too; clouds we can curse, they block the sun. Rain we can curse, it can be uncomfortable. Too much and we could drown. Learn ta float, a little trust and patience and that same water that drowns, can lift and carry; that same water that takes life, can bring new life.


If Creator were simple as sun,

If clouds, the kingdom a heaven,

You and I, but drops a rain,

One life, the distance from heaven ta earth,

Wouldn't we wish for rainbows?

Have a great day!



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