Friday, July 1, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, sunny and still. Amazin' how it can start out so still and end up blowin' so hard; gotta be three months now, the wind really ain't quit. And, the past few days it even got more enthusiastic, with a brief pause for a small thunder storm. It does make me smile; we got our plans and tend ta see 'em like the main thing. The weather, well, there's a good big question; me with my little local, point a view, old man weather, I wonder if he ain't tryin', keep the whole planet balanced out, somehow. That's inspirin', no?

Yesterday, I was talkin' about my "two lives"; the one here around the barn with my chores and repairs, the mustang boys in the pen and the "wild bunch" out yonder, roamin'. A friend a mine asked me about the difference. It occurred ta me, it might be the practical, versus the inspiration. Around here, I got ta repair stuff, think about bills, money and paperwork. Out yonder, with the bunch, there's a question of endless "together"; interactin and learnin'. Now, ya might say, "well, that's completely impractical!". And, while I agree, it's not without a "pea under the mattress". There was a fella, couple a thousand years ago, loved ta tell stories, ask questions and talk to his friends. Loved it so much, he just wanted ta wander in the desert, doin' just that. His friends, while they loved him, too, kinda balked and told him that was completely impractical. Gave him a whole bunch a reasons, why it was better, stay in town.

So, I love 'em both; the barnyard and the mustang boys, the wild bunch out yonder. It's a stretch, but I guess, I trust, somewhere along the line, love bridges all the gaps, like a tide risin'; sometimes ya just gotta wait.

Have a great day!


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