Thursday, June 30, 2011


Good Mornin'

Well, did hear some thunder, off yonder, night fall, and we did get a couple a showers. Nice and cool this mornin'.

And, I did get the ranch truck put back together; hauled another tank a water, over the hill and out to the wild bunch. I got a steel tank, out in the middle, up north, in a grove, by a big pond, but the pond's been dry, two or three weeks, now. I been haulin' a couple hundred gallons, every other day, since. I wouldn't say it's just the horses, takin' advantage, though, judgin' by the fur and feathers I'm skimmin' out, there's critters of every size and shape, for miles around, comin' by for a drink and a bath.

I also, got out early enough, where I could visit; check everybody for cuts, bumps, bruises and bites; add a scratch with a curry comb. It's kinda like havin' two lives; one around the barn, with the chores, repairs and the mustang boys, one, out yonder with the wild bunch, just wishin' I could camp, travel and work with them. They are pretty happy out there, but we all know there's more; each other, hearts, stories, "get a long" ta work out. And, in the process, ta get affected, changed, where even the same old pasture, can take on a brand new "shine".

It reminds me a my glasses; they're old and pretty scratched up. Add a layer a dust and the world can start lookin' kinda old. Every now and then, in my genius, it occurs ta me, " dunk 'em in the horse tank, pull out a shirt tail and give 'em a rub. Wow, that's better!".

Have a great day!



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