Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pumps in the Road

Good Mornin'

Well, mild and breezy, so far, but the sun's got a mind ta shine; you can feel it comin'.

Never did get much done, yesterday. Headed out ta work some horses for a neighbor, but I had ta go get gas, for starters. Well, turned out the pumps at the station are gettin' old and they quit workin', afternoons, with the heat and all. So, there I am 20 miles from home, work on the line and not too sure I got enough ta make it home and back 'fore I'm plumb out; not ta mention groceries and budget. Anyway, I did make it home, put the groceries up and give the boys a flake. Then, attitude rehabilitation; only thing I could figure is ta shade up a few. Never seems ta get me anywhere jumpin' in ta things, when I'm sour; and I was some with all my plans in ashes.

Anyway, them few minutes made a difference. If nothin' else, I sure noticed I needed a bath and some fresh clothes, which, also, improved my outlook and, who knows, might even impress those horses I'll, hopefully, see today.

Better run; beat the heat to the pumps. Have a great day!



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