Monday, June 20, 2011

Eye a the beholder

Good Mornin'

Well, actually got a shower last night. Certainly not a gully washer but, a shower, nonetheless. Cool and breezy this mornin'.

Kinda disoriented these days; a curious combination a gettin' older and more inspired by the power of simplicity. As I mentioned the other day, our first notions of simplicity are apt ta be external, like a movie set, that satisfies our imagination. But, the fact of it takin' root, within a heart, a life, boy, that'll shake things up. Somethin' so powerful, somethin' so unexplainable, somethin' so undeniable, it takes some gettin' used to.

There's an old story, 'bout a buddhist monk, long time ago, asked what he did before enlightenment; his response, "chop wood and carry water". When asked what he did after, he replied, "chop wood and carry water".

Personally, speakin' of enlightment as an event or, as if I even know, exactly what it means, makes me kinda uncomfortable, but there are some very very authentic people on the planet, who are very very serious about this question and I've spent most a my life listenin', considerin', puttin' ta practice, some a the best. And, I gotta say, even a humble 40 watt bulb, can find itself altered and moved, despite a deep rooted suspicion that such transformation belongs to the very very few.

And, so I thank that old monk and my lucky stars; I got horses ta feed, fences ta fix and hay needs haulin'. Those things I know and they offer me the cover of "normal appearance", even if I'm reelin', lookin' for my balance on the inside, find my way in a brand new world. Afterall, it's not only beauty, in the eye a the beholder, it's the whole "kit and kaboodle".

Empty the eye and it can all appear very, very "new"!

Have a great day!



P.S. Thanks to Brandon Johnson for the Photo!

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